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were created because:

While biking around town I developed a habit of checking out construction / renovation dumpsters to see what was about to be hauled to the landfill. Without even focusing on this or trying very hard, I was able to consistently rescue more than enough lumber for ALL my projects. Some wood from these dumpsters is like new. Other wood is 100+ years old, once the nails are pulled and its sanded, it's beautiful. Much of the "Reclaimed Lumber" that is salvaged and sold is from barns and large buildings that have truckloads of lumber in one place. It takes a different approach to reclaim the incredible amount of lumber that's consistently available at smaller construction and renovation sites. There is a huge opportunity to rescue literal tons of lumber at these sites in every medium to large city in the country. This is an excellent side gig opportunity for thousands of people. 

Our Mission is to make money by making local waste useful and help others to do the same.

We're developing products made from materials that are often wasted and best practices to efficiently find lumber and other consistent, useful waste. Like end of life, steel bike parts and frames. Steel is recyclable but it's better if we reuse it first.


We also have another site focused on selling salvaged lumber, 


                                                                   - Jeremy Marshik 


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