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The beautiful nail holes might remind kids to conserve resources. Maybe the crazy bike legs will help inspire some crazy creative ideas. The wood is White Pine that was cut down circa 1910. It was part of a wall in South Minneapolis until 2022 when it was rescued from a renovation dumpster. Nails were removed, it was sanded, jointed and sealed. The base is made of chunks from 2 junk bikes and part of a steel bedframe found in a dumpster. The bikes were not worth fixing (we love and donate good parts and bikes to them). Scroll down to see the materials as we found them.

The desk and seat have adjustable feet so they will be stable on any floor. They are very sturdy and should be good for another 100 years, the steel base will still be recyclable. 

Desk = 31" wide x 21" deep x 26' high

Seat = 20" wide x 10" deep x 17" high


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