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Custom Furniture 

When you keep your eyes peeled for materials that need to be reused, it's amazing how much nice stuff is available that others don't see value in. A friend alerted me to a double wide, Oak butcher block waiting for trash collection in an alley. Two butcher blocks semi solidly attached, complete with several broken drill bits lodged in the bottom. I cleaned and sanded the Oak then joined them more securely. I welded reused steel pipe to some old steel bed rails to attach the legs. Then I found another Oak butcher block in a renovation dumpster and made matching stools. It’s super sturdy and you could say it saved (part of) a tree. This is custom height for a kid's art table, it matches the height of the windowsill to create a little more space. 

Below the butcher block table is another small table we made for a client. They had the wood and we made a custom frame. The frame is discreet to show off the wood, but strong enough so I can sit in the middle and it doesn't bend of flex. The frame is made from a broken bed rail and what I think was an old sunshade. (photos below).


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