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Houses for Dogs That
Love Trees

So many things are made from trees. The companies that sell products made from new lumber (and often ship their products from the other side of the planet) tell you it's eco-friendly because wood is renewable. Our wise old dogs think it's best to use ALL the lumber we throw away before cutting down more trees. These Dog Houses are made from beautiful Cedar that we saved from the landfill. Old Decks and Fences are routinely thrown away because they look weathered and certain portions of them rot. We cut the rotten parts off. We use the weathered parts of the Cedar and also cut it open to reveal the dazzling and perfectly preserved interior. Better yet, the wood is salvaged locally plus the houses are made and sold right here in Minneapolis. These cool little houses are also a great place for kids of all ages to read a book on a rainy day. 

Starting at $350

Video with more details on this specific Dog House

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